Professional Leave Forms

  • Professional Leave Checklist

    • Please use this document as a guide for the professional leave reimbursement process.


    • For amounts of $300 and under, to be submitted 10 school days prior to event.

    • Leaves over $300 must be approved by the Finance Committee and Board of School Committee 30 days prior to the event. For example, for a November 1, 2022 event, the Full Board of School Committee must approve this Professional Leave Request by October 1, 2022. Please note - Paperwork must be submitted 3-4 weeks prior to the Finance and Facilities Meeting to ensure there is enough time for approval.


      • Please complete for reimbursement. Be sure to attach all necessary documentation.

      • Refer to Professional Leave Checklist for documentation requirements.

      • Keep a copy of the form and all documentation.

    • Mileage & Expense Reimbursement Form (FOR NON-PROFESSIONAL LEAVE REIMBURSEABLE ITEMS)

  • Mileage Reimbursement Rate

      • Current rate: $0.625 per mile.

  • Professional Leave Feedback & Reflection Form

    • MUST be completed for any workshop over $300 or requiring BOSC approval.

  • Per the MEA contract each educator is entitled to $500 in workshop registration fee reimbursement per school year.

    • No more than $250 is to be paid out in any one of the three semesters (summer, fall and spring).

  • Course Reimbursement - Click Here

Please submit professional leaves packets (Leaves $300 and over covered by Federal Funding or allowable per the appropriate Union Contract) to Tracy Colbroth

Please Note: Teacher leave travel requests $300 and over and are covered with General Funds do not apply to this. Please refer to the MEA Contract for the allowable reimbursement amounts. These leaves after approved by the school principal should be sent directly to the HR Department for processing.

Please direct professional leave & reimbursement questions as follows:

Any specific questions you have with regard to professional development events prior to submitting paperwork for the agendas please contact Nicole Doherty at the district office at: