Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding professional learning. For additional assistance and information please contact your building level Professional Learning Committee member or email

Information regarding credentialing requirements from the State of New Hampshire can be found HERE.

What is a CEU?

A CEU is a Continuing Education Unit.

30 hours for for specific area endorsement and 45 hours aligned with Professional Education Requirements are required for re-certification.

How do I earn a CEUs?

  • CEUs are granted for:
  • The actual time engaged in activities, or
  • The actual time spent engaged while actively participating in a group session, or
  • Applicable time as determined by the BPDC. Educators are responsible for collecting and maintaining evidence of the CEUs earned on the Documentation of Professional Growth (Form C CEU).

What evidence of professional learning do I need to have and submit?

Evidence of participation may include:

  • certificates of completion
  • sign in sheets
  • agendas
  • presentation materials
  • notes
  • transcript
  • work product
  • reflection journal
  • professional media log
  • video, audio, or photographic evidence of professional learning in use
  • action research paper

How should the Form A (Self Refection Worksheet) be completed?

This form is for brainstorming purposes only and documents the educators thought process for selecting professional learning goals. Think of it as a graphic organizer, or planner, for completing the Form B.

Where can I find a library of resources to read/view for professional learning?

You can find a list of both specific and general topics to investigate at our Professional Learning Library site.

Is there a list of sample goals?

Sample goals can be found HERE. Goals should be about what the educator wants to learn, not what they want to do. Adding a phrase such as "to gain knowledge", "to learn" or something similar gives clarity of purpose.

Are there minimum/maximum number of CEUs for an activity or artifact?

  • There are not minimum/maximum number of CEUs for an activity or artifact.
  • The length of an activity /artifact should not be less than .5 CEUs (30 minutes) and increments should not be less than.25 CEUs (15 mins).
  • College coursework is 15 CEUs per credit hour.

Who is on the Professional Learning Committee in my building?

The complete list of Professional Learning Committee members can be found HERE.