Bi-Weekly Newsletter on Digital Citizenship

posted Feb 22, 2016, 5:09 AM by Professional Learning

I wanted to let digital citizens know about a newsletter that looks at next generation digital citizenship issues caused by "cresting" technologies - technologies that are just showing up and promise to become part of the landscape in the near future. The Big Ideas Bi-Weekly is free, and in English and Spanish. It is my semi-retirement project, my way of giving back after spending 35 years in the fields of educational technology and media, digital citizenship and educational innovation. 

The promise is this: Because you are busy, and already swimming in information, each issue will address only one idea, succinctly, every few weeks. The newsletter does not consist of newsy forwards of other people’s posts about the latest iPad apps. Instead, it explores issues I identify as foundational for modern leadership during times of roller coaster technological change. Ideas come from my new book, out in a few weeks, 4Four Big Ideas for the Future.

You can subscribe to the newsletter at or email me directly ( and I can subscribe you.

Regards, and thanks for the important work you do


Jason Ohler
Director, storyteller, digital humanist
Prescott Valley AZ