ASCD Express: Teacher Creativity

posted Jul 3, 2016, 7:06 AM by Professional Learning
ASCD Express
Saving Teacher Creativity
Henri Matisse said, "Creativity takes courage." That might be truer now for teachers than ever before. With "many pressures and little leeway" ( Henriksen & Mishra, 2013) characterizing today's teaching climate, is creative teaching endangered? How do you create loopholes that allow fresh approaches to content, despite limitations? How can school leadership nurture and protect teacher creativity? This issue looks at educators who are making room for self-expression, risk, and the unknown.
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Four Fundamentals for Taking Creative Risks
How can we make room for teacher creativity within the demands of our competitive education culture? Read about four strategies that encourage teachers to take creative risks.
Learning from Creative Teachers
Outstanding teachers share how they teach creatively in an age of scripted lessons and accountability.
A Road Map for Creative Instruction
With a base in targeted content knowledge, teachers can map their instruction to creative thinking by focusing on the verbs they use in higher-order questioning, designing activities that require imaginative thinking, modeling innovative problem-solving processes, and asking students to apply new knowledge in inventive ways. This road map provides a simple framework for aligning instruction with goals for student creativity.