Teaching Non-Fiction Writing From Scratch

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Ralph Fletcher:  
Teaching Non-Fiction Writing From Scratch 
Jan. 6th, 2017, NHASCD Conference
8:30am - 3 pm, Grappone Center, Concord, NH 
    On January 6th, 2017, the NHASCD Conference will
 feature award-winning author Ralph Fletcher speaking on Teaching Non-Fiction Writing from Scratch:  Practical Strategies for Improving Informational Writing.  
   Ralph believes that students can learn how to become skilled writers of non-fiction, drawing on the strategies, techniques, and craft found in other genres such as poetry, comedy, and even mystery.     
   A Dartmouth graduate with a Master's degree in Writing from Columbia University, Ralph Fletcher is a successful writer in many genres, including inspiring books for teachers and for students; poetry; memoirs; picture books; and a wide range of books for children and young adults. 
On January 6th, Ralph Fletcher will:
      o  Discuss the importance of expository writing -- and how students should know how to use writing to explore and explain the world.
      o  How to help students avoid formulaic writing that is dry and dull.
      o  Work with participants to look at ways we can encourage students to write non-fiction that has voice, passion, insight, authority -- and is accurate and well-organized .
      o  Discuss the crucial role of non-fiction read-alouds and 'mentor texts' that can give students concrete ideas about what engaging, exciting non-fiction might look like.
      o  Offer immediate, practical ways of incorporating his recommended instructional strategies into your everyday classroom.       

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more lively, engaging, and powerful non-fiction writing!

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