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Upcoming Free Webinar
Creativity Connects Schools and Families: Increase Parental Engagement
Presented by Cheri Sterman, Crayola Director of Education
Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Creative experiences are a wonderful way to draw families into schools and build the sense of partnership between educators and parents. In this webinar, participants will explore how creative experiences can deepen opportunities for family engagement. Parents and educators share the same goals and aspirations for children. This common ground helps to build their relationship as co-educators who work together to support children's learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain deeper understanding of "why to and how to" forge strong partnerships with families is so important.
  • Use art sketches or sculptures to help visualize a child's future and focus on success.
  • Think outside the box when exploring ways to engage families in schools.

Special Invitation: As special recognition, the educators who share their Crystal Ball sculptures or sketches will receive a complimentary gift from Crayola. Fifty members of the Champion Creativity community who upload their art to the Discussion Forum, "Creativity Connects School and Families" will receive a Classpack of Crayola Model Magic®. The Discussion Forum is only accessible to members of the Champion Creativity community and the deadline to upload your team's school vision is March 30, 2016. While we'd love to see your crafted school vision—wherever you live—shipping this gift is only applicable for members in the U.S. and Canada.

Cheri Sterman works with educators across the country, helping them use creative experiences to increase family engagement in schools. She has found art integration to be a wonderful way to open the door and increase understanding between educators and parents. Art draws families and schools together and enables educators and parents to make long-term, significant impact on children. Conversations about creativity and self-expression are fundamental to child development—and this workshop helps educators have those conversations with parents. Cheri has presented this seminar to diverse groups of educators—including principals, art educators, early childhood educators, and classroom teachers—each coming away with practical ideas to partner with parents.
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Art-infused education builds 21st Century skills. Crayola helps parents and educators raise creatively alive children.

Kristen WalterKristen Walter is an Arts Integration specialist, who recently joined Crayola as the Central Region Innovative Teaching and Learning Manager, working closely with educators throughout the country leading Arts Integration professional development. Before coming to Crayola, she was a certified music and art teacher for 15 years, and through her innovative teaching and leadership style, helped her school win a Crayola Champion Creatively Alive Children grant, a national Title 1 award for closing achievement gaps, become a P21 Exemplar School, become a finalist for the Intel Schools of Distinction Math and Science Award, and win the National School Change Award. Kristen and her fifth grade students were invited by Crayola and the President¹s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities to the first annual White House Arts Integration Fair, and you can find her and her former students on Crayola's latest video "Building Creative Capacity Schoolwide". is a free professional learning and social network that makes it easy for teachers and all educators to connect and collaborate with peers, share information and best practices, and spread innovative ideas to improve teaching and learning.

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